How to Use Webinars to Connect With Customers

3 Reasons Webinars Should Be An Active Part of Your Marketing Toolkit

Webinars, also known as web seminars, are visual online presentations designed to educate viewers on a specific topic. 

Webinars are the perfect combination of information and social networking. They allow subject matter experts to connect with people all around the globe by engaging them in real-time conversation, Q&A, and focused lectures.

Webinars give speakers (and their associated business) an automatic boost of credibility by positioning them as authorities in their field. And because webinars are designed to inform, participants can absorb information in a variety of manners and styles. Such as, listening, watching, writing, problem-solving, and interacting socially.

Have you been on the fence about creating (or hosting) your own webinar? Here are three reasons to shake off the nerves and make the leap.

1. Webinars (almost) always lead to sales

Nearly 58% of all global marketers have hosted a webinar, and for good reason: according to a recent study, between 2-5% of all webinar attendees convert to paying customers.

And while a webinar is not a sales pitch, it focuses on adding value to products and services to establish trust and foster a sense of community.

No matter where people are in your sales funnel, webinars give you an opportunity to connect with them and speak to them directly. By providing insight and perspective into a topic of interest, you can dispel anxieties and build a sense of familiarity and comprehension around whatever it is you’re offering. This simple approach will translate to any stage of the buying process.

2. Webinars help viewers understand your business

People don’t want to buy your product because it’s the best one out there. They want to buy it because they understand how it fixes their problem.

Take a look at something as basic as a household vacuum. Most people aren’t going to drop $500 for a top-tier household appliance. Even if it does come with pages and pages of features, advancements and add-ons. Millions of American households own a Swiffer, which can be purchased for around $40 at any home goods store.

Why? Price is certainly a part of it. Though, people don’t need to do any mental gymnastics to understand how a Swiffer works. Spray, sweep, mop. 

Webinars give you a valuable opportunity to explain how your business works, and how your products or services add unique value to your target audience’s lives. Are you saving them money each month? Giving them more time at home with their children? Adding value to their career or industry? Let them know.

Once people have connected with you emotionally, making a purchase is a natural next step.

3. Webinars exist as evergreen content

Beyond being a source of live media that can be purchased and viewed once, a webinar can live on your website or as part of a purchasable media kit for months or even years.

Just as long as your topic of discussion doesn’t revolve around a current trend or other  sign-of-the-times material, your webinar can live apart from its inception as evergreen video content that continues to inform and empower your audience far into the future.

A great example of this is TEDTalks, where global thought leaders share easily digestible bits of information in a way that’s engaging, down-to-earth, and memorable. 

No matter your subject, you can expand your reach and build consumer trust by implementing these three things as part of your webinar marketing strategy.

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