Digital Sales: How to Arm Your Champion

Arm Your Champion

Why You Need to Arm Your Champion

Arm your champion by providing a digital version of your message which includes your knowledge, value proposition, and passion. So that they can then pass these directly to all potential stakeholders without your message getting diluted.

Having an internal advocate can be an amazing thing. Having a person who is willing to be a champion for you in some way can benefit you. For example, it can open doors, get a product or offering considered, or even get you a job. However, having someone ready to go to battle for you within their organization can be dangerous for them.

Every organization has stakeholders with different objectives and varying political currencies. This is why people are often hesitant to promote ideas, people or products within their organization, even if they think highly of them. They may be forced to expand political capital or move contrary to the objectives of other stakeholders. As someone in need of a champion, it is crucial to make that person look good within their organization. Additionally, it should cost them as little political capital as possible by arming them properly.

To arm a champion of this nature, you must provide them with the right tools. Those that are necessary to represent you in an authentic and objective way. They will help you overcome your greatest hurdle in B2B sales when you help them cover their butts in the process.

Goalpost Group works with companies to create the Sales Toolbox needed to arm your champion. We provide a digital version of your message which includes your knowledge, value proposition, and passion. Your champion can then pass these on to all potential stakeholders while remaining completely objective.

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