While You Were Shopping; Choosing The Right Marketing Partner

Of course you want to “shop around” for the right marketing partner. That only makes sense.
What does not make sense, is taking too long to realize the right choice was in front of you, the. whole. time.

If time is money, then stop wasting yours.

There once was a company with a brand to sell,

Their marketing in need of help as well.

They looked for someone to take their brand to new heights,

And while they were shopping thought, Goalpost just might.

So if you’re on the hunt ‘cause your brand is moot,

Hire Goalpost, and watch your sales take root.

For while you were shopping, nothing has happened,

It’s time to stop shopping and have your ideas start steppin’…

It’s called poetic license, look it up. 

Any marketing firm can be shiny in just one area or make a pretty website. Very few can offer what Goalpost offers. We’re like hiring an entire marketing department with industry expertise, without the hassle of managing all the personnel.

We have one primary focus: B2B Marketing That Drives Sales. 

Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for the Right Choice in a Marketing Partner

  • Can you and your team work well with them?
    The Goalpost team is dedicated to responding to your needs as new criteria develops.

  • Can they help you nail down clear messaging, placing focus on solving the problems of your customer?
    In a word; yes. In twelve words; this is what Goalpost aims to deliver every day in every campaign. – I saw you counting the words.

  • Can they help you build out your full platform?
    Our team of content writers, web developers, photographers, videographers, and social media experts will take care of everything you need to make the next big push.

  • Can they help you build relationships with your existing and potential customers? Goalpost’s Drive program is designed for exactly this purpose. We work to develop your relationships with clients and potential clients for the long haul.

  • Can they get the work done without draining our already-busy team members?
    We know your team is hard at work. We created a system that gets the most out of everyone’s time.

  • Do they understand the different clients/industries you serve?
    Goalpost’s focus is almost exclusively B2B. We’ve spent our careers developing the skills and learning the tone and vernacular needed to cut through the noise.

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