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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ for Goalpost Group a Sales-focused StoryBrand Marketing Agency

We specialize in B2B sectors, particularly Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Tech.

Absolutely! We offer a comprehensive Statement of Qualifications document filled with case studies that showcase our achievements and illustrate how we can support your goals.

Our unique approach is rooted in sales, with a focus on driving revenue for our clients. We believe in “Marketing That Drives Sales,” using marketing tools to enhance your bottom line, with revenue generation as our primary metric.

We start by assessing your company’s status across 7 crucial marketing elements, creating a tailored plan to address your specific needs.

We leverage your expertise to produce content that is discoverable online and resonates on social media, positioning you as a leader in your field.

The StoryBrand Framework employs timeless storytelling elements to position your customers as heroes, with your business serving as their guide. This framework is the foundation of all our marketing initiatives.

While we’re adept at various platforms, we prefer WordPress for its flexibility and the control it offers our clients.

We emphasize a structured execution plan with scheduled deliverables and regular check-ins to ensure alignment and progress.

Our pricing is straightforward, with a fixed monthly rate for initial engagements and scalable options during the Drive phase to match your needs.

We’re happy to connect you with relevant references once we understand your objectives. Meanwhile, our portfolio page offers a glimpse into our capabilities and the quality of work we deliver.

Marketing Programs


Clarify your messaging and develop your platform. 


Build relationships by providing consistent value. 

B2B Sales

B2B sales requires effectively arming your champion. 

Sounds like a good fit?