Digital Sales: What You Need in the Toolbox

Sales Toolbox

Salespeople should be well-equipped with a very specific tool set. They need a coherent message and a well-defined value proposition. They should also have a good working knowledge of their competitors’ offerings with corresponding key differentiators. As well as a digital pitch to disseminate to all of the stakeholders.

Why You Need a Better Sales Toolbox

Consumer behavior has changed significantly in the last 10 years. In fact, there are not a lot of situations today where a salesperson can walk in and make a deal. In most cases, there are going to be a series of stakeholders that are involved in this process. These people are going to share the responsibility of decision making. The problem for the salesperson is that they are relying on a set of skills that is outdated. And if they are relying on their ability to go in and close business face to face, they are counting themselves too much a part of the process.

In reality, what is more likely to happen is they will go in and present. Then that person is going to turn around into their organization and try to sell similarly to how they were just sold. They’re not going to have the same type of effect and the same type of skill that that initial salesperson had. Therefore, they will probably not do near as good of a job.

This is why it is critical to create a digitized version of your sales process. A digital sales process can be handed over to internal advocates. As a result, your direct message can be heard by the multiple stakeholders that need to hear it. You should adequately distill your sales process into a digital sales process. Your words, your message, and your brand is going to go in front of all those stakeholders. Which is better than the salesperson going in and handing over the entire sales process to someone who they hope is an internal advocate. I strongly recommend that you start digitizing that sales process. Additionally, you should be using a methodology that will allow your internal advocate to pass your direct message along in a way that can be highly successful for you.

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