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International Sales Template Library

Our curated suite of powerful templates include:

  • The Best Market Scorecard
  • Country Matrix
  • Landed Cost Calculation
  • Distributor Target Profile
  • Distributor Qualification Questionnaire
  • Company Introduction Letter
  • Multinational Seasonal Calendar.

This ensures you can identify the best markets, monitor your global
operations, uncover true distribution costs, and find qualified distributors.

Revolutionize Your Global Expansion With The Ultimate International Sales Template Library

Dive Into New Markets With Confidence!

Are you ready to take your business global, but find yourself bogged down by the complexities of international sales? Goalpost Global has curated a potent suite of tools designed to turbocharge your OUS strategy. Unlock the potential of new markets with precision and ease, ensuring you are always a step ahead in the global arena.

Best Market Scorecard

Rank With Precision 

Struggling to measure the vast sea of international opportunities? Our Best Market Scorecard is your compass in the complex world of OUS sales. Assess market size, IP risk, regulatory costs, time to market, competitive forces, price sensitivity, and exchange rates to identify where your product belongs.

Country Matrix

All Eyes On Global Operations

Keep a pulse on your international presence with our comprehensive Country Matrix. Monitor every vital action in your target countries, ensuring not a single detail slips through the cracks.

Landed Cost Calculation (LCC)

Uncover The True Cost

Don’t let hidden expenses catch you by surprise. Our Landed Cost Calculation tool goes beyond cost of goods sold (COGS) and shipping to provide a complete picture of your international distribution costs. Make informed decisions and protect your margins.

Distributor Target Profile

Find Your Perfect Match

Streamline your search for the right distributors with our Distributor Target Profile. Define your standards, compare potential partners side-by-side, and select those who truly align with your business goals. In a nutshell? Simplify what’s complicated.

Distributor Qualification Questionnaire (DQQ)

Ask The Right Questions: Avert costly missteps with our Distributor Qualification Questionnaire. Before the pen hits paper on a distribution agreement, make sure all critical questions are addressed. Save yourself from “I wish I’d asked…” scenarios.

Company Introduction Letter

First Impressions Count: Make a lasting impact with our expert-crafted Company Introduction Letter. Initiate your distributor relationships with a proven template that’s sure to drive responses and kick things off on the right foot.

Multinational Seasonal Calendar

Timing Is Everything: Plan wisely, act strategically, and never miss a beat with our Multinational Seasonal Calendar. Stay informed of significant dates, trade shows, and regional events that could make or break your market entry timing. 

Join The Legion Of Success Stories: Aspiring business owners, seasoned startups, dynamic product managers, and savvy sales and marketing professionals have all leveraged our tools for their international forays. Will you join their ranks?

Laugh In The Face Of International Sales Complexities: With Goalpost’s OUS Playbook, you’re not just attempting to go global—you’re mastering it.

Step Into The Global Spotlight With Poise: Contact us today to learn how our International Sales Template Library can transform your OUS strategy-

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