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Arm Your Champion

Ready to Arm Your Champion?

Goalpost Group works with companies to create the Digital Sales Toolbox needed to arm your champion by providing a digital version of your message, which includes your knowledge, value proposition, and passion. Your champion can then pass these on to all potential stakeholders while remaining completely objective.

Overcome Economic Uncertainty by Controlling the Internal Sales Process

Small Business Survival Step 8: Arm Your Champion

Provide your internal advocates with the tools necessary to represent your business in an authentic and objective way.

Step 8 of the Small Business Survival Plan is what we call Arm Your Champion, in which we teach you how to control the internal sales process by digitizing your message.

Part of overcoming economic uncertainty and thriving during this pandemic is to understand the position that your potential client holds within their organization. If you understand where they are and how they need to operate internally, you can align your interests with theirs in an effort to make them your champion.

In step 8, we will help you identify your champion and arm them with the information and materials from the Digital Sales Toolbox they will need in order for them to win over other stakeholders. If we Arm Your Champion properly, they can remain objective while they share your intended message to various stakeholders in an effective way.

What’s next? Control Your Costs. 

The Small Business Survival 101 Map

SBS map

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