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Virtual Sales 101

Virtual Sales 101

Contact the Goalpost Team today to begin training your sales team to engage with clients in the digital world. The first part of operating in this new, exclusively digital world is to adopt effective communication methods. The Goalpost team will train you and your salespeople to utilize video conferencing, text messaging, email, social media, and the lost art of the phone call to create personal connections. Throughout your five training sessions you will also receive:

  • A Stakeholder Profile
  • Value Proposition Positioning
  • Sales Call Brandscript
  • Materials Assessment
  • Digital Tools Training


The Coronavirus has made many of us feel very isolated, but we don’t have to sell that way. You can still have the same connection online that you create in person; you just need the tools and guidance to do it effectively.

What’s next? The Engagement Cycle

The Small Business Survival 101 Map

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