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Change the Trajectory of Your Sales

What comes in the B2B Sales Program?

The Sales Team Workshop Series takes a look at what is working and what is not, then assists you with the creation of the Ultimate Sales Deck as well as all of the tools you will need in the Digital Sales Toolbox. This is complemented by the “Perfect Proposal Process” that will give you a leg up on your competition. The program is then completed by teaching your team to enlist the help of the key contact at the company you are selling to with the Arm Your Champion (AYC) B2B Sales Program.

B2B Sales Deliverables: Here's What You Get

Sales Funnel

Sales Process

engagement cycle

Digital Sales Toolbox

video portfolio

Arm Your Champion

Sales Team Workshop Series

The Ultimate Sales Deck

Digital Sales Toolbox

Perfect Proposal Process

Arm Your Champion (AYC)

Behavior Assessment of Top Performers

Accusations Audit

Sales Deck Evaluation and Creation

Custom Proposal

CRM Assistance

Qualification Chatbots

Trade Show and Webinar Email Campaign Creation

B2B Sales Lessons: Here’s What You Learn

Digital Sales Toolbox

sales toolbox

It’s more critical than ever to create a digitized version of your sales process—one that can be handed over to internal advocates so your direct message is heard by multiple stakeholders. If you can adequately distill your sales process into a digital sales process, your words, message, and brand are going to land in front of key decision makers—regardless of where they are.

Throughout this process, we teach you how to start digitizing your sales process and using a methodology that will allow your internal advocates to pass your direct message along in a highly successful way.

Arm Your Champion

arm your champion

We’ll help you identify your champion and arm them with the information and materials from the Digital Sales Toolbox. Empowered by these tools, they’ll have the means to sway other stakeholders. By effectively implementing our Arm Your Champion (AYC) Programs, we tailor a BrandScript for your champion, initiate automated email campaigns for stakeholder groups, identify all stakeholders and their distinct needs, and provide an FAQ to address pivotal stakeholder questions. When we properly Arm Your Champion, they can maintain objectivity while effectively communicating your intended message to diverse stakeholders.

Ready to go virtual with your sales?