e-Commerce: How to Increase Conversion and Prevent Cart Abandonment

5 Ecommerce Hacks to Increase Conversion and Prevent Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce marketing leverages strategy to better promote a website, business, product, or service.

In a world awash with The Next Best Marketing Hack, we’ve dug up five better-kept secrets to help you prevent abandoned carts, unhappy customers, and a confusing online presence.

Read on to learn five ways to set yourself apart from the competition and build customer loyalty by mastering a few lesser-known marketing tactics.

1. Look like you know what you’re doing

The days of dial-up internet are over … so why does it still take your site 20 seconds to load?

Right from the jump, your website needs to look (and act) like a source of authority in the online retail space. Starting the moment a customer lands on your site, the homepage should be clean, clear, and easy to understand.

If it’s been a minute since you’ve revamped your site, check out our article on website marketing. No less than five years should exist between website overhauls; this allows you to modify and customize your site based on current buying trends, customer feedback, and general aesthetic appeal. 
Does it take more than a few seconds for your homepage to appear? Data shows that a website load time of over a mere 2 seconds causes the bounce rate to double immediately.

2. Make online check-out stupidly easy in ecommerce

According to the Baynard Institute, over 69% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

Reduce this phenomenon on your website by paying attention to the following, all of which customers expressed as reasons for why they left a site without making a purchase:

  • The website wanted them to make an account for checkout
  • Taxes and fees were too high
  • They weren’t able to preview the total cost of the item before checking out
  • Shipping costs were unreasonable
  • It took too long to checkout
  • Website had errors or crashed

3. Jazz up your email campaigns

Maybe you have an email template that works, but even the most tried-and-true techniques need rethought from time to time.

If you’re experiencing a decrease in open rates or lack of click-throughs, it’s time to shake up your email marketing efforts.

Add value to your emails by making them a balanced blend of free information and requests for purchase. 

For example: no one likes an email that is packed back to front with products and sales-y language. Instead, offer some authoritative advice, share free product tutorials or delightful pairings, and showcase customer feedback.

When customers feel they are receiving a certain dollar amount of free value, they will respond by investing their hard-earned money to become a part of that engaging narrative. 

4. Don’t be afraid to offer ecommerce discounts

When was the last time you sent your email list a BOGO or product discount? 

It’s no secret that customers love free stuff, and offering a sweet incentive just might be the push they need to complete their purchase.

Time your best sales with holidays and changing seasons. Coming up on Valentine’s Day? Promote a buy-one-get-one deal for a sweet couple’s gift idea. Planning for Christmas? Let shoppers know they’ll get a percentage discount if they place their orders by the end of November.

Make sure not to go overboard with value-based incentives, but keep in mind that many customers will appreciate the added bonus of a few dollars off by completing their purchase instead of purchasing nothing at all.

5. Ask for feedback (and then implement it)

Everybody wants to have their voice heard, and your customers are no exception.

The best thing about asking for feedback directly as a part of a marketing strategy is that you will avoid distraught or angry customers taking to the internet to air their grief.

Instead, by implementing a feedback form or email campaign that asks for their feedback, you can capture the good, the bad and the ugly all in one place. 

This data pool will allow you to make site changes, customer support enhancements, and rework your checkout process to maximize sale completion. And, if a customer is unhappy? You’ll be able to remedy the situation proactively before it damages your business’s online ratings. 

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