What It Means for Your Company to Have a Brand


Is your online reputation working for you?

The internet offers us infinite options. Google search “cafe near me” and you’ll find an array of shops within a certain radius. You could assume that a cup of coffee anywhere will taste about the same. And if your goal is simply to be caffeinated, you really can’t go wrong! So when there is an abundance of businesses offering similar services, how do YOU choose which one is right for you? Having a brand is important. Branding can be your number one defense against your competition.

Factors that Come Into Play When Choosing a Brand

1. Location

Location may be a factor. If close proximity is your main concern, branding may not have influenced your choice as a consumer. 


Price may play a role. That is if you have the time to research a brand. Who can “do it for less” without sacrificing too much on quality?


Reputation provides an immediate level of trust online. Ultimately, that may play a large, subconscious role in deciding what brand you choose. 

Imagine YOUR Ideal Consumer Shopping Online

Having the right brand can be your number one defense against your competition. Is your online reputation working for you? Meaning: at a glance, are consumers forming the right impression about your business? Will their needs and expectations eventually be met or exceeded? Will they result in positive online reviews, repeat business, or referrals? There are a few things you need to ask yourself:

• Does your website indicate you have a professional business, far better than your competition?

• Are the added value points of your services clearly and quickly conveyed?

• Is your logo an accurate representation of who you are, what you do, how you do it, and where?

• Is your marketing geared towards attracting the right type of customer?

• Are your clients giving you four or five stars consistently? 

A properly branded business overcomes the issues of a digital era. Many important negotiations and decisions are no longer face-to-face interactions. Invest in branding to virtually “shake the hand” of your consumer. We want you to form the right impression. Grow your business and improve your online reputation by working on your brand. 

Which Brand Are You?

Ask yourself, are you Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Bigby, or McDonalds? Then, ask yourself why.

Logo Branding Sample

Branding Services Provided by Goalpost:

  • Logo Variations with Business Name, Description, Tagline, Bullets
  • Color Swatches/Color Psychology
  • Typography: Fonts & Visual Hierarchy
  • Marketing: Cohesive Print & Web Campaigns

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