The Three Steps to Discover, Design, and Drive your Business Goals

A daily whirlwind of activity within our current, fast-paced market keeps us all busy. We easily get trapped in the culture of the urgent, putting out one fire after another, in the endless pursuit of checking off boxes and clearing out an inbox rather than growing our company to its fullest potential. Goalpost specializes in coming alongside you to help determine your mission, objectives, and the required actions to fulfill that mission in three distinct steps. (See more about the Whirlwind.) 

When you hire Goalpost you are filling a dozen job titles, for a fraction of the cost of a single marketing executive.

Job Titles filled:

Senior Level Sales and Marketing Executive, Content Strategist, Copyright Editor, Web Designer, Brand Guru, Graphic Artist, SEO Specialist, E-marketing Expert, Social Media Expert, Videographer, Drone Video Specialist, and Video Editor.

Stage 1: Discovery

Company Review

  • Historical Review: Who, Why and How behind your company
  • Discover: Who you are as a company today
  • Evaluate: Digital and print assets you currently have in place 

Begin connecting to the Third Rail of Authenticity

When you develop and live your stated philosophy, you build a power source - a Third Rail - from which you can connect in a very human and authentic way with your customer.    

Develop the Roadmap

Goalpost works with companies to provide a roadmap which equips sales people, elevates the sales process to overcome adversity by connecting to the Third Rail of authenticity, and grows the sales pipeline. 

  • Focus: On where you desire to grow and go as a company.
  • Determine: Goals for the next immediate, mid, and long-term phases of your company's future.
  • Create: A step-by-step implementation plan based on those goals.
  • Coordinate: An implementation calendar. 

Stage 2: Design

Brand Reboot

Uncover your unique identity; design a distinctive logo, visuals, copy and icons to reflect that identity. 


  • Text: Engaging, unique, compelling
  • Formatting: Improve hierarchy & clarity
  • Development: Organize SEO content by developing into an industry educating company 


  • Evaluation: Logo, typography, color swatches, graphic design/photography aesthetic
  • Custom Photo Library: Branded, coherent, captivating
  • Video Content: Boost engagement, improve online reputation
  • Navigation: Organize and simplify with improved hierarchy, cater to SEO 


  • Calibration: Of existing pages to produce maximum impact today
  • Key Terms: Define themes
  • Page Development: Enhance additional key terms 

Content Launch Summit: 

A strategy is only effective if your team has the desire and understanding to carry it out.

Impact Team Efficiency

  • Connectivity: Develop connectivity to company goals
  • Confidence: Provide team members with the methodology and tools they require to confidently contribute towards those company goals. 
  • Contribute: Continued professional development as team members become contributing voices in the industry

Key Topics

  • Content Development: Educate and come alongside team members to create a platform of methodology from which to begin the content development process so everyone becomes a contributing member towards overall company goals 
  • Calendar: 365-day content development calendar for the following year
  • E-Marketing & Social Media: Focus on dissemination of content as a means of contributing to the Engagement Cycle.


  • Training: Two pre-Summit trainings
  • Content Summit: Two days at your location
  • Follow up: Four follow-up training and calibrating sessions, to ensure the strategy is progressing. It is vital to continue to develop this skill within a team and demand results for the shift towards a "Culture of Content" to take hold. 

Sales Toolbox Development:

During the development process of the Sales Toolbox , Goalpost assists you in the development of your coherent message, a well delivered value proposition, the cultivation of a working knowledge of your competitors’ offerings with corresponding key differentiators, and a digital pitch that can be used to disseminate your message to your clients' other stakeholders (see Arm Your Champion). 


  • One-day onsite meeting(s) to define, refine, and rediscover your pitch
  • Two-day onsite professional video shoot, drone included


  • Four branded 2-4 minute videos discussing (1) who your company is, (2) what sets you apart from competitors, (3) a focus on your team, and (4) a focus on your clients.
  • One set of up to 6 pieces of branded sales collateral
  • Production of 4 blogs answering 4 of the biggest questions you commonly are asked regarding your services. 

Stage 3: Drive

Content Development

  • Structure: Content development program for the entire term of the agreement
  • Train: Your team to utilize in-house talent
  • Monitor: Success and reevaluate obstacles
    • Conveys message successfully
    • Primed for top SEO
    • Engages Stakeholders with maximum effect
  • Deliver: on the Schedule
    • Consistent quality content - Drive business forward

E-Marketing & Social Media

  • Connect: content to outbound elements of the Engagement Cycle
    • Give your team the tools they need to leverage social media for the benefit of the company
    • Groom and build e-marketing lists
  • Develop: Branded E-Marketing campaigns
    • Connected to content to drive the Engagement Cycle forward
  • Track: Potential customers
    • Provide targeted lists of potential interested customers for the sales team to follow up with
  • Gauge: Customer interactions
    • Customize and tailor campaigns 

Quarterly Focus Meetings

The key to finding and maintaining the right course within business is maintaining perspective. Goalpost Group spends a significant amount of time making sure we are setting quality goals and putting a plan in place to meet them. In the quarterly focus meetings, we Step Back and Assess to ensure we are trending in the right direction toward those goals, and making adjustments as new challenges arise. 

Development Collaboration

Goalpost’s combination of power and endurance is fundamental to longterm effectiveness.  This Implementation Motor will help develop your sales and marketing, but can also assist in other areas of your business on a consultative basis. 

Drive Growth

Long-term relationships allow Goalpost to scale our company. As we grow, what we can do for you continues to grow. Additional services will be added to your contract as they are available through Goalpost.