Fostering Content Culture in Your Business


The Importance of Content Culture

Content marketing is used by 83% of B2B organizations and is a $44 billion industry. Simply creating content is not the challenge. Continually creating a variety of content that is relevant and engaging is a challenge. This is where content culture comes into play.

Businesses that are the most successful at creating and sustaining a rapid pace of generating high-quality content are the ones that have fostered a content culture in their organization. When researching, 75% of B2B buyers rely more on content to make purchasing decisions than they did a year ago. On average, buyers view five or more content pieces before deciding to buy. These consumers expect to continually engage with new and relevant content throughout the entire buying process. Thanks to corporate websites, social media, and the availability of free content online, prospects are over halfway through their buying cycle before they speak to a salesperson. Potential customers are hungry for content. In reality, if they don’t get it from you, they’ll go somewhere else. 

Everyone has something to say. Content culture sets an environment and attitude within an organization. One that embraces the importance of content marketing and knowledge sharing through the entire enterprise. Every individual within the organization should feel enabled and empowered to create content. Help them to understand how they are contributing to the success of the business. Fostering a culture within an organization that encourages content creation comes from the top, so it is imperative to lead by example.

How does your organization foster content culture?  

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