Using SWOT Analysis to Gain Momentum in One Hour

60 Minutes To Gain Team Momentum

SWOT: An Important Method to Your Business

Use SWOT to Kickstart Your 2022

SWOT can be used to kickstart you and your team if you are looking for focus & a little bit of momentum. Are you looking for focus and a little bit of a kick start for you and your team to kick off 2022?

Well, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  All you have to do is a little process that companies around the world are doing, and we’re gonna walk you through a little bit of how to do it.

SWOT Analysis

So for years and years, companies have been doing what’s known as the SWOT analysis.

A SWOT analysis basically takes you through what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are.

But I want to break down how these things work together, because you already know your strengths (it’s pretty simple and direct) what your threats are that you may not have any control over; but where you can really move the needle is through your opportunities and through your weaknesses.

You can do this by staffing for your liabilities and strengthening your weaknesses using SWOT, and you can really find ways to accent your opportunities. Making sure that you are choosing opportunities that are within the bounds of your strength will give you the ability to push the gas pedal to the floor.

If you’re anything like me coming into 2022, you’re looking for things to be optimistic about. You’re looking for ways that you can really impact your business, like SWOT, but you’re also proud looking for energy.

How to Create Momentum

I sound a little bit funny today because last night was my first day out of about five where I could both sleep and breathe.  So that was a pretty exciting moment to wake up and realize,

“Oh, I just woke up. I wasn’t just constantly waking up all night”

So it’s a little bit difficult with the new variants and all these other things to get really excited about what you’re doing…

But taking your team through a SWOT analysis, finding underlying strengths, weaknesses, ways to staff up, avoid weaknesses (rather than accentuating them through various opportunities), and walk your team through a 60-minute exercise, you can really re-focus them on the right things at the beginning of the year, and hopefully create a little bit of momentum for them and yourself.


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