StoryBrand Framework: How to Implement as Your Marketing Strategy

Why the Storybrand Model Should Be a Pillar in Your Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been in the marketing industry since 2017, chances are you’ve heard about Donald Miller and the StoryBrand framework.

Widely considered to be the hottest trend in modern marketing, StoryBrand is a framework where customers come to view a business as the ‘guide’ on their quest to solve a problem — for which a product or service is the solution. 

Using a seven-part framework, StoryBrand helps a business shift focus off of itself and onto the target customer. This allows them to form a connection based on trust, empathy and authority.

Still haven’t made the StoryBrand methodology a central part of your marketing strategy? Here are three reasons why you should start.

1. StoryBrand Is Recognized and Trusted

Story-based marketing, or using a story to drive a sales narrative, is widely considered to be one of the most popular trends in marketing today, with StoryBrand leading the charge.

With thousands of successful businesses trusting their marketing strategy to the StoryBrand model, it’s no secret that this methodology has gained serious traction in the advertising industry in the last handful of years. 

Donald Miller’s book, Building a Story Brand, released in 2017 and quickly became a national bestseller, galvanizing hundreds of marketers into pursuing StoryBrand Guide Certification. With over 700 certified StoryBrand guides worldwide and companies like Old Spice, Apple and Google utilizing its framework within their marketing efforts, StoryBrand is a trusted name in the industry and won’t be going away anytime soon.

2. It Provides a Network of Industry Support

It’s not uncommon for business owners to attend quarterly retreats and industry meet-and-mingles or enhance their marketing efforts through online training or certifications.

With the StoryBrand model, everyone from part-time social media managers to Certified Guides can access a wealth of StoryBrand information, training, resources and community support. 

From books to webinars, events to certifications, anyone interested in utilizing the StoryBrand model can do so easily and efficiently. Interested business owners don’t need to be trained in implementing StoryBrand practices either. With over 25 nationally certified agencies, reliable StoryBrand marketing services can be located more easily than ever. 

Did you know that Goalpost Group is a StoryBrand Certified agency? Discover how our team of professionals can help you supercharge your marketing efforts!

3. StoryBrand Will Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

Too many businesses are buried beneath their competition because they’re too busy trying to do it all. 

With this framework, businesses learn a few things. Such as, how to sharpen their marketing strategy, pinpoint their customer’s problem, and represent themselves as the solution in a way that is irresistible. 

In addition to creating killer content, StoryBrand teaches businesses how to engage and nurture customers with sales funnels, email campaigns, targeted ads and proven retention tactics. By engaging the customer with story, businesses learn how to create a compelling narrative that includes a sense of urgency, community, and possibility. This will ultimately lead to a lifelong relationship between customer and company.

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