Trade Secrets: Give People a Taste Without Sharing the Recipe

Sharing the Secret Sauce

Trade secrets have become the secret sauce for developing content and finding a way to connect with a larger audience that is interested in your business. If you have information and can share it better than anyone else, you will be rewarded by placement in web searches.

There once was a time where keeping your information to yourself was highly beneficial. In fact, keeping those trade secrets secret was a cottage industry. The day that Google went from becoming a proper noun to a verb, those trade secrets and secrets in general really became a thing of the past. That’s not to say there is no proprietary information that still exists. Of course, there is. Although, trade secrets that you have in your mind are of little value to you as a business commodity.

How You Benefit from the Secret Sauce

This secret sauce is important for driving web traffic. Because if you have information that you can share and you’re able to share it better than anyone else, you are going to be rewarded by placement in web search. The trade secrets of yesterday have become the secret sauce of today. But how do you make sure that you keep your proprietary information proprietary while still being able to show up and get the benefits of the Google algorithm?

You have to address questions but you don’t necessarily have to answer them fully. You can address items associated with your proprietary information without sharing the proprietary information. This allows you to give people a taste of what you have while not giving them the entire recipe. And ensuring that they know that you have the sauce. It’s something that they’re probably interested in getting a taste of. And if you can share better than anyone else, you will receive the benefit of that sharing more than anyone else. That is the magic of the secret sauce.

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