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Post to Social

Now that you have created content lets drive the engagement cycle with posting it to social media. Here is how!

1. Go to Buffer app or your social media platform of choice

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Best social media scheduling tools

2. Get your URL Wether it is a blog, video or web page… we we want to drive people to more of our content so they can learn all they can about us so we want to post in a way that can drive them to our content rather than just letting them read everything on the social media platform.

3. Make a statement! write a sentence or short paragraph that describes/excites/opens a story loop for the content you are posting

4. Don’t forget to tag By utilizing @name (of person or company) and #topic (use a bunch) we can get the post seen by a bunch more people and these allow the post to be seen on peoples feeds or indexed hashtags.


5. Get the team involved the more people liking, commenting on, sharing, and resharing your posts the better! And you can utilize your entire team as a cheat code to push the message!

6. Go Native whenever possible when posting videos post them direct to the specific platform this will allow the video to play automatically on the platform and when people see moving pictures they cant help but to stop and watch.

7. Create Social Style Videos Videos for social are different because the way people interact with them is different. You need this edge to get above the noise! Goalpost can help you create social style videos and make sure you are able to post them in the most effective way possible.

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