Is Your Job Getting in the Way of Your Job?

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Life happens, work happens, and lets face it… shit happens. For most people, things simply are just the way they are. It is up to them to manage the best way they know how. Leaders are different; by their very name and nature they are expected to lead, but very few do. So, why don’t leaders lead well? Its simple…THEIR JOBS GET IN THE WAY!

How to Lead in Your Job

Leaders, like everyone else, have things that they must do; the daily whirlwind of activities that keep us all busy, busy, busy. We all get trapped in the culture of the urgent, putting out one fire after another, and checking off boxes just to check them off.

The ability to manage chaos, while useful and important, is not leading.  And it is definitely not a good form of business management.

Leading only happens outside of the whirlwind. It happens when time is taken and care is given to determine the mission, the objectives, and the actions that are needed to fulfill the objectives of that mission. What most leaders cling dearly to as their JOB is purely a laundry list of mismanaged chaos. The whirlwind can be exciting, but staying in it for long periods of time without calibrating back to your goals and objectives can be debilitating. 

Most leaders cannot exit the whirlwind on their own without either a push or simple accountability. Most leaders have the ideas and know the direction they want to go. What many lack is the key disciplines needed to step back and assess, and the motor needed to implement. 

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