How to Have a Brilliant Email Marketing Campaign

Ready to score more sales, signups, and raving repeat customers?

You need a robust email marketing campaign.

Globally, more than 100 trillion emails are sent each year. But in order to capture your customer’s attention and spur them to action, your email marketing needs to beat out the other dozens of digital messages competing for their attention.

With the latest statistics showing up to a 4400% return on investment for businesses who prioritize email marketing, there is money to be made from a well-thought out email campaign.

Here’s how to get the edge over your competitors and create content that won’t end up in the digital trash bin. 

1. Create a targeted email list

Long before you can launch your campaign, you need a robust list of contacts. Building this list takes time, but also allows you to generate more organic engagement with your brand, as everyone who signs up for your email blast will have an advanced understanding of your products and services from the jump. 

The most popular way to build a targeted email list is to encourage customers to sign up via your website. There are endless ways to design an email subscribe button, but a sure-fire one is to incentivize customers using a one-time discount code that can be applied at checkout.
Other ways include gathering email addresses at checkout, or offering a free downloadable resource in exchange for being added to an email list. This is all part of channeling customers into a sales funnel that can gradually drip information over time.

2. Choose a service to host your email campaign

MailChimp, ConstantContact and Sendinblue all allow businesses to build and automate email campaigns with minimal knowledge of design or back-end code.

Once you decide on a service, import your contact list and begin crafting an email template. Don’t hesitate to play around with eye-catching colors, fonts, or creative headers — with the average email user receiving more than 121 business emails a day, yours needs to stand out.

Finally, engage readers with visual media as much as possible — readers are 65% more likely to read your email if it contains at least one image.

3. If possible, personalize your email

Did you know referring to a customer by their name is a powerful way to build trust with them?

Email personalization, or tailoring your email copy to reflect personal details about the individual reader, is a fantastic way to dodge the canned feel of so many business email campaigns. 

Instead of “Dear Subscriber,” inject the reader’s name into the email introduction and any other places where you address them directly in the content body.

The data needed to successfully include someone’s name can be gathered at the place where you ask for their email address — just include a box asking for their first and last name.

4. Deliver a clear CTA

No matter what your email campaign is trying to achieve, you’ll fall flat if you don’t include a clear call to action.

Sharing news of an upcoming digital seminar? A “Save My Seat” button gets the job done. Trying to generate excitement around a new product or service? A cheeky “Show Me the Magic” or “Join Us” will pique curiosity.

Want to go a more direct route? “Sign Up,” “Try for Free,” “Get Started,” or “Subscribe” get the point across with minimal brain power required.

5. Write a subject line they can’t ignore

The number-one rule of subject line creation? Create a sense of urgency. 

Your email campaign is literally competing with hundreds of others on a daily basis, and your subject line is the single thing that determines whether your reader clicks to open or sends it to the trash folder.

Some subject lines we love:

  • Here’s that discount you wanted
  • Get it before it’s gone
  • This deal lasts for today only
  • The content of this email is worth $10,000
  • Did you know that…

Once you’ve captivated your audience with an irresistible subject line, their attention will turn towards your email content and eventually, your CTA.

So, to recap…

Targeted email list, host service, personalization, CTA, killer subject line.

By incorporating all of these five elements into your email campaign, you’ll have an unforgettable piece of content that spurs action, delivers value, and leads to higher conversion rates. 

(You can thank us later.)

At Goalpost Group, we help our clients break the cycle of bad marketing using strategy, structure, and killer content that drives sales and wins the day. Get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about how we can help transform your marketing. 


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