How to Get Out of the Whirlwind

Caught in the Whirlwind

What if I told you the majority of people in business today are doing business in the middle of a whirlwind? What I mean by “the whirlwind” is the tyranny of the urgent is so loud in the lives of most business people. It becomes almost impossible for them to make rational decisions about the future of the business. They get so stuck in the urgency of today that it is almost impossible to draw back and look at the wider picture.

This whirlwind is an epidemic across the business community. It’s something that taps out energy, it kills marriages, it takes business partners and tears them apart. The inability to separate yourself and your business from the urgent really is a killer. Among entrepreneurs, heart disease is one of those killers. Well, something that contributes a great deal to deaths related to heart disease is stress. That tyranny of the urgent, the whirlwind, that every business person has the propensity to get sucked into that vortex…that’s a problem for all of us. 

How to Get Out of the Whirlwind

Now, one of the things in order to get out of the whirlwind and separate yourself from it is perspective. One of the reasons I started Goalpost Group was to help people develop a different type of perspective. I believe that one of the keys to doing and understanding business is being able to separate yourself from that whirlwind and get to a different place.

For example, I was traveling from Provo, Utah to Salt Lake City a few years ago. There’s one way that you can go between those two cities that actually takes you up over the mountains. And it’s a beautiful stretch of road that goes right by the Sundance Resort where the Sundance Film Festival takes place every year. And you go up those mountains, covering switchbacks back and forth. All of a sudden you hit this beautiful birch forest. This forest was filled with these beautiful white trees, the likes of which I’d never seen.

I started thinking about people who had made that trek 100 years ago before that blacktop was in there. I started thinking about what it might have been like once they hit that birch forest.  Once you’re in the birch forest, the color of the trees and the way that it’s situated is very disorienting. I can imagine being in that type of environment and turning around and realizing that you really didn’t have an idea which way to go. 

Now, what we are trying to do in terms of being business leaders is to get the perspective to rise above the birch trees. This will help you figure out what route you need to go to get to the other side of the mountains. Then, you can reach your destination.

One thing we do very well at Goalpost is to connect the dots. We take where you are today, and look at where your goals are. We help determine what those goals should be and where we want to drive to for the future. In doing that we are able to find the connecting pieces that need to take place. The things you need to do, the ideas you need to implement in order to go from one side of a mountain to the other, even through a birch forest.  We need to connect those dots.  

Our goal is to help you know your goal. We help you connect the dots that must take place to get you from one perspective to the other.

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