Hit The Hard Reset for 2022

Hit The Hard Reset For 2022

Reset Your 2022

It seems like 2022 could not have started more roughly.  We saw a major COVID surge that messed up everybody’s plan. Everybody was coming into the year with some optimism, and then January hit. If you’re like me, it absolutely knocked the wind out of you. 

Well, I am proposing a full reset for 2022. In fact, that’s what we’re gonna be doing with the GoalPost team.  I encourage you to participate in the reset.

If your year has started anything like mine, it’s been a rough one for me and my house. We had ⅘ kids who contracted covid. Resulting in multiple weeks missed of school, and I was never diagnosed with covid, (but everybody thinks I actually had it.) 

I had a rough start, coughing for the better part of three weeks. But, now it’s time for the hard reset. We’re gonna smack that button, and here’s how we’re going to do it. 

The Kickstarter Program

So at the Goalpost team, we have a program called the Kickstarter. We are actually in the process of instituting our own Kickstarter for GoalPost. So, we are excited about getting that change. 

We’re going to reset and make sure that everything is in line where it’s supposed to get 2022 kick started. We have that ability to do that for you too. 

What we’re gonna do is we’re going to make sure that the link is in the social media. Then, you can go and check out what is involved in the Goalpost Kickstarter. It is the full platform that you’re gonna need to reset your marketing message for 2022.  If you had to start like I did, you’re gonna want to hit smash that full reset button.

That’s what I encourage you to do. Make sure that you reach out. That way we can get 2022 kick started in the right way. As opposed to the way it has already started.

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