Back to School Blues: Your Business’ New Normal

Back to School Blues

Finding Your Business’ New Normal In a Post-COVID World

True, COVID-19 is still very much a threat worldwide – but at some point, we as business owners need to start talking about how to navigate life after the initial windfall of COVID-19.

Here’s the truth: we are never going ‘back to normal’. Knowing we can’t go back to life pre-pandemic, it’s time to determine what our ‘new normal’ is. From there we can begin making steps towards a new future for yourself as well as your business.

Don’t Look Back – You’re Not Going That Way

It’s difficult, I know. It’s difficult to look back on the last few years and not take stock of everything we’ve lost, who we’ve lost, and how our business has changed. 

Some of us have found ways to maximize the need for certain products and services within our business. We have pivoted to keep our businesses afloat. Others have suffered unimaginable losses and had to cut back in ways that took years of growth off their business model.

But as we look forward to 2022 (and beyond), how can we take the lessons learned and apply them to strengthen our business model?

Here are three things I learned from COVID-19 as a business owner.

3 Things I Learned as a Business Owner During COVID-19

1. Use the past as a reference, not a destination

At the onset of COVID-19, I remember thinking the virus would be a temporary speed bump. Turns out, it was a mountain range with terrain that would take years to cross.

When thinking about how to move forward into the future, look back to take stock of all the lessons you’ve learned, but not to idealize what used to be. We’ve come a long way since the winter of 2019, and many things have been learned. Don’t minimize the struggle by wishing away the hard lessons. Instead, grow from them.

2. Honor the people who have stuck by your side

There were countless points during the pandemic where the people on your team had a choice: stick with you, or bail. The people who are still by your side today deserve your trust, respect, and gratitude. 

If you haven’t already, take the time to thank them. Maybe that’s monetarily. Maybe it’s with words. Maybe it’s with public recognition. However you do it, remember the significance of their loyalty, and how they contributed to taking your company to where it is today. 

Your appreciation will inspire the next round of devoted individuals to do the same.

3. Be Willing to Create a New Normal For Your Business

I get it: you’ve worked hard to build your business to where it is today. But the reason you’ve survived up until now is that you were willing to be flexible, to pivot, and to make important changes to your business when necessary.

Don’t lose steam now.

To take your business into the future, you need to be able to maintain that same level of open-mindedness. Stay curious, stay committed to your people, and be willing to take the long way around for your business. After the storm finally passes, you’ll look up and realize that you weathered the worst of it by adjusting your sails and staying the course.

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