Has Your Proposal Process Evolved With Your Business Since COVID?

Has Your Proposal Process Evolved With Your Business Since Covid-19?

Has what you do and the way that you do it adapted and changed since COVID hit? Has your proposal process kept up with that change?

That’s what we’re gonna talk about on today’s walk to work.

Update Your Proposal Process

A lot of things have changed for a lot of businesses since COVID hit. For example, virtual meetings, video messages and getting to know clients over Zoom rather than in person. One of the things that has not changed for a lot of companies is their proposal process.

Even if they’ve changed everything for a lot of companies, the proposal process has stayed the same.

In order to be successful in this interim/post COVID you’ll want to adapt the proposal process digitally.

We have to digitally adapt to the pitching process. We have to make it so that people understand what we do quickly.

But specifically, what does that mean?

Firstly, you have to be much more advanced in the materials that you’re giving people. This includes the delivery of your message.

People don’t have time to sit in a meeting with you for hours for you to figure out their problems. You need to be able to diagnose and give them a plan in a quick time frame. They’re also not going to sit around and wait for you to come up with a proposal process.

I know a lot of companies that really struggle with their proposal process. For example, consulting companies being one of them. They are completely boutique, and because of that, they think that their individual proposals are special little snowflakes that you have to make exactly right for the client.  The clients that you service are probably going to overlap in terms of what they need. At least about 80% of them. Therefore, you need to be able to commoditize what you do in some respects. You want to get that proposal process out there quickly.

Now there’s 20% that will be specific, and you need to address that as well. But you can’t let that slow down the entire proposal process. That is exactly what we are doing here are Goalpost Group. We really nail down the proposal process so that people can understand exactly what we do, how we can help solve their problems, and how we can help them get that into action. They need their problem solved quickly.

One of my favorite quotes from a general patent, it is better to execute a good plan violently today than a perfect plan tomorrow. You need to get going. You need them to understand exactly how you’re gonna help them, what problems you’re going to address and get it rolling. In conclusion, that is today’s walk to work.

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