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David McAndrews, M.S.

Business Builder

David McAndrews, Business Builder and Founder of Goalpost Group

Building business is my passion. The puzzle of every business looks a little different and putting the right pieces in the right order to make it work is addictive. At Goalpost we believe that “Sales is Marketing” and we approach the creation of our marketing programs with a sales perspective in mind. Our strategy is simple and it works: Build the Message, Build the Platform, and Build Relationships. When this strategy is implemented well, you win. I have helped dozens of companies win. After all, what is more fun than helping help good people achieve great things? 

“Most events seem inevitable once they happen, but that is not the way it works. By understanding the history of our own organizations in the context of larger trends and influences, we all have the ability to make assumptions that will allow us to set goals. If we set goals properly and our we have the discipline to take the steps to achieve those goals, we determine what our future will look like. Goalpost Group exists to help people redefine the “inevitable” by setting the course in ways others cannot.”

— Dave McAndrews