Dave’s Walk to Work: Creating a Successful Sales Funnel

Dave's Walk to Work

How to Create a Successful Sales Funnel 

Targeting your customers with high-quality content that enhances their life and gives them a reason to ‘buy in’ to your product or service is crucial. A sales funnel is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Let’s look at a quick overview of how to create a sales funnel that starts making you money in your sleep, tonight.

A sales funnel is a tactic used to feed your customers digital information about your products or services in hopes of securing a sale. Typically, this happens in the form of an email campaign.

From the initial opt-in to the final transaction, you want to keep your customers’ attention. You also want to build trust so that the final moments of closing the deal are seamless. Beginning with an introductory email and ending with a call to action, here are three ways you can power up your sales funnel and create raving customers for life.

1. Be generous in your sales funnel… lead with value

In a client/business relationship, you are the guide, and the customer is the champion. You are there to help them solve a problem, which ultimately ends in them purchasing from your business to fix that problem.

Share your knowledge in a way that encourages them to lean on you and your expertise for the answers. Once they know you can be trusted, they will feel more comfortable investing in your product – emotionally, and monetarily.

2.Don’t give away the recipe to the secret sauce

Without giving everything away, create a sales funnel that answers basic questions in a way that creates an environment of ease for the customer. Most people want to know that the business is reliable, that the product is reliable, and that you will take away their pain, frustration and inconvenience. With your sales funnel encourage customers to try your product by demonstrating its success with other users, but maintain the importance of trying it for themselves.

After all, their problems don’t disappear because another person’s did. Share what you know, but drive home the significance of opting in.

3. Position yourself as the authority in your field.

People (and customers) want to follow strength. When you demonstrate an understanding of your industry and generously share that knowledge with others, you are showing potential customers that you can be trusted and that your offering is valuable.

When creating your sales funnel, stick to what you know. It can be tempting to cast your net far and wide. But, this isn’t the time to overextend yourself. When building a sales funnel you want to drill down on what you do best. Then, you knock it out of the park with killer data, accessible language, and a commanding call to action.

The rest will take care of itself.

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