Are You Still Living In Your Business Starter Home?

Living In Your Business Starter Home

If you’re anything like me, old homes make you nostalgic. When I was a little boy, I grew up in the same home for most of my life. The other day I took a detour to walk past it and spend a few minutes in thought.

Most people will find themselves selling their first home at some point. Maybe it’s due to a job change, illness, the birth of a baby or just wanting a change of scenery – but the opportunity to grow out of what’s familiar and into a place of newness and unfamiliarity is similar in business, too.

If you’ve been in business for a while, odds are you’ve either thought about upgrading to a new building, or you already have. But outside of shifting into a new physical office space, how much thought have you put into growing into a new, broader digital space?

It could be that you’re still living in your business starter home.

Is Your Business Getting Stale?

Every now and then, breathing new life into your business takes the form of introducing new ideas, procedures and strategies into the picture. While these changes might feel jarring at first, a mildewy pond only becomes a place of stagnation when water isn’t actively moving through it. You can prevent your business from becoming stagnant by continuing to funnel fresh ideas and new changes into it, even when your business is going well.

When was the last time you made changes to your business? For example, your company’s logo. You know the one: the font hasn’t been seen or used since 1998 and the colors look worn-out and tired. How about your website? When was the last time you invited an outsider to give you objective feedback on how easy it was to use?

Small changes like these can quickly become powerful catalysts to bringing excitement and vigor back into your business, even when implemented slowly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Grow Out of Your Starter Home

Just like that old family house built by your grandfather back in the day, your business’ starter home will eventually start to feel too small for the growth you achieve. The good news? That’s okay.

No business ever succeeded by staying small. If you’re realizing that your business is due for a change (or series of changes), make the decision to move forward with the transition. It could be that your office is due for a physical change or upgrade. Maybe your website is the final frontier to bring your business into the 21st century. Whatever it is, commit to moving forward and keeping the water in your pond moving to prevent stagnation in your business.

Your business (and customers) will thank you for it.

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