Video Marketing: How to Hack YouTube

These 3 YouTube Hacks Will Help Your Business Break Into Video Marketing

If a YouTube marketing strategy isn’t already part of your business’ content creation plan, now is the time to jump in… and here’s why.

Boasting 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube is the second-most visited site on Earth. Youtube is accessed by one fourth of the world’s population at least once every 30 days. Up to 91% of users logging on more than once a day.

But knowing how to generate interest around video uploads can be tricky. Understanding how to capture your audience’s attention and create content that is interesting (and shareable!) takes strategy. 

Here are three ways to maximize your online visibility and optimize your uploads to reach your target audience.

1. Optimize for mobile

More than 70% of YouTube users watch from their mobile devices. This makes mobile video optimization more than just a suggestion for businesses — it’s a necessity. 

Research shows that in-app view time doubles when using handheld devices. This means that videos viewed on mobile devices and iPads have twice as much time to make an impact than ones that are viewed anywhere else.

You can make sure your uploads are hitting all the right notes by remembering to film horizontally so users can enlarge your video to fill their screen (unless you’re filming for YouTube Shorts — more on that in a minute). 

Finally, keep on-screen text or captions big enough to be read on a mobile device. In addition, you should generate thumbnails that are high-contrast with enlarged font. 

2. Take advantage of YouTube Shorts

Racking up 15 billion views daily, YouTube Shorts are vertical bite-sized videos that max out at 60 seconds. Similar in nature to TikTok, Shorts condense YouTube’s notoriously extensive content into rapidly digestible bits of media. 

Shorts are perfect for businesses looking to soft launch a new product or service. Shorts allow creators to give high-level overviews of material without drawing out a full-length video. 

While your online content should always be intentional and of good quality, Shorts strip away some of the artifice that comes with a business trying to generate engagement on social media. Thanks to the casual nature of video creation and the limited recording time, Shorts can feel more accessible and personable than longer, professionally edited videos.

Other great uses for Shorts are product trailers, tutorials, and merchandise release date announcements.

3. Show products in action

Customers love seeing products in real time. For businesses operating strictly in the ecommerce space, the power of a product review can’t be overstated.

YouTube allows videographers to host up to 15 minutes worth of content per upload, making it the ideal platform for detailed product unboxings, assembly, FAQ, and more. 

Have a product that is difficult to photograph? Do customers frequently contact your customer service team with requests for help assembling an item? YouTube makes it easy to showcase every angle of a tricky task, guiding customers to feel more capable and building trust in a product before it even reaches their hands.
Maximize your impact by committing to a short video series where you detail your five best items in a particular category, or score related products based on customer reviews. This allows audiences to make informed decisions and introduces them to items they otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

Watch on YouTube.

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