The 3 Criteria for Great Content

The Three Criteria for Good Content

A lot of people believe that posting on social media will help affect their web traffic. The reality is if you’re posting on social media and the content that you’re posting does not drive a reaction from the people that are viewing it, then it’s really not doing anything for you.

At its best, content should be strategic, interesting, and engaging. If it is not strategic, you are not driving toward your business goal. Every piece of content needs to be produced in order to drive a customer to do something. If it’s not interesting to the people that are reading it, it will just become noise. It does not have to be interesting to everyone on the planet. In fact, you should strive to make it interesting to your very specific stakeholders. If you are able to interest your very specific stakeholders and they are ready to engage with your content, that content is going to be successful. If something is engaging, that means that someone is going to want to take the next step. If they are interested enough in what you are saying to take the next step, that is really the whole goal of any content program.

So, you need to make sure when you are producing a piece of content that it is all three things: strategic, interesting, and engaging. Otherwise, you’re just wasting a lot of time.

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