Your Message For Your Marketing Strategy

Your Message First

What is Most Important in a Marketing Strategy?

When you think about your marketing strategy, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

The most important element that you can begin with is your message– a message that is crystal clear is key for a strong marketing strategy.

The number one issue that most people wrestle with is their marketing message.  Their message simply isn’t clear enough. If you can’t explain exactly what you do to a 12-year-old boy, you are in trouble.

I have two twin 12-year-old boys, and if you attempt to explain something to them, it’s like explaining something to a toddler on some sort of drugs.

You need to be able to make it so simple that even a 12-year-old boy is able to readily understand your marketing strategy.

This is something that seems like it should be really easy, but for most companies, it is almost unimaginable.

I know what you’re thinking–

“We’re a very refined and complicated company that provides complicated services.”

Well, if that’s true, you’re not going to sell any of the services because people have to be able to understand what you do almost immediately in order to take any sort of interest in your company.

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