Why Your 2022 Plans Won’t Work Out

Why Your 2022 Plans Won't Work Out

Are you finding yourself stacking up plans for the new year?  Writing down those ambitions and letting yourself float off into dreamland thinking about all of these plans coming true?

Unfortunately despite all of the planning, the majority of those plans will probably not function properly, and there are a few specific reasons why those plans won’t pan out.

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty of Your Plans

These reasons can be broken down into three different categories:

  1. Breaking it down
  2. Prioritizing
  3. Executing

Breaking Down Your Plans

The distance between knowing what to do and getting it done is something that can kill your business.  In fact, many companies that I’ve worked with and observed over the years know what needs to be done, but experience that the execution phase of their plans is the most challenging part.  This is partly because they don’t know how to break down their plans.

Prioritizing Your Plans

It is important to understand the resources necessary in order to get something accomplished. This past weekend we worked with one of our clients to develop a list in order to prioritize these steps.  This is incredibly important, because what happens when you don’t prioritize?

Everything becomes a priority.

So we decided what projects needed to get done first, and then discussed who needed to be attached to those projects.  Questions arose of:

Who needs to be doing it

What resources need to be allocated in order to get it done

How/When do we schedule it


If you don’t know who or what, then you don’t allocate the time necessary in order to execute a plan.  Then we move on to how, because a majority of these ideas don’t exist all out on their own.

Allocating time and resources in order to get things done, and actually executing these things are essential to taking those next important steps.

Holding yourself accountable against those timelines is the crucial difference between companies who talk a good game with all the ideas in the world and companies that can execute.

So, which company are you?

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