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Virtual Sales

Sales Effectiveness Strategies Built for the Digital Marketing World

Digital delivery of your sales message is imperative!

We give you the strategy to develop your sales funnel, the tools to help move prospects down the funnel, and the keys to Arm Your Champion and win in the B2B world. 

Virtual Sales is a program that will teach you how to make your marketing just as effective online as it is in person. This program equips you to engage with clients on a deep level with highly-targeted and specifically relevant messaging. 

Now is the time to mobilize your sales team and equip them with the skills & tools to engage with potential clients on a digital scale. The first part of operating in the digital world is to adopt effective communication methods. The Goalpost team will train you and your salespeople to utilize video conferencing, text messaging, email, social media, and the lost art of the phone call to create personal connections. 

Virtual Sales Deliverables: Here's What You Get

Sales Funnel

Sales Process

engagement cycle

Engagement Cycle

video portfolio

Video Production

  • Customized Sales Process
  • Client Engagement Process, Mapped to Sales Process
  • A Stakeholder Profile
  • Value Proposition Positioning
  • Behavior Assessment of Top Performers
  • Custom “Compelling Action” Assessment
  • CRM Assistance
  • Qualification Chat Bots

Virtual Sales Lessons: Here’s What You Learn

Digital Sales Toolbox

sales toolbox

It is more critical than ever to create a digitized version of your sales process that can be handed over to internal advocates so that your direct message can be heard by multiple stakeholders. If you can adequately distill your sales process into a digital sales process, your words, your message, and your brand is going to go in front of all those stakeholders, even if they are stuck at home for the foreseeable future. 

We teach you how to start digitizing that sales process and using a methodology that will allow your internal advocates to pass your direct message along in a way that can be highly successful for you.

Arm Your Champion

arm your champion

We will help you identify your champion and arm them with the information and materials from the Digital Sales Toolbox they will need in order for them to win over other stakeholders. If we Arm Your Champion properly, they can remain objective while they share your intended message to various stakeholders in an effective way.

Ready to go virtual with your sales?