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A new version of WordPress, WordPress 5.0, was released in December 2018. With any program release and update there are patches and revisions that will be made. By waiting until the beginning of the year, the release is more stable. 

It is vital to update your site to 5.0! Not updating can leave your site open to security vulnerabilities. Your site’s features and functionalities will also become outdated among other web pages and may become tedious for your visitors to navigate.

A key update to WordPress 5.0 is the editor. WordPress 5.0 introduced Gutenberg, which changes the way the editor works. You can continue to operate in the classic editor, but will eventually need to switch over. The Gutenberg editor is a drag and drop interface, which changes how your pages and posts are built. 

Before Upgrading

As with any major software release, there will be bugs. Set yourself and your site up for success:

  • Make sure the PHP is updated to the latest version 
  • Ensure all plugins are updated to the latest version
  • Create a backup of your site

What is PHP 

PHP is the script language that powers your WordPress site and the plugins and themes associated with it. 

What are Plugins

Plugins are all the extra features that are built into your site. Many plugins are releasing versions that are compatible with 5.0

Why backup my site

With any major release there are bugs. Backing up your site will help ensure if something major breaks and will need fixing you have the original version to revert to. 

WordPress 5.0 is a major update. It is important to set your site up for success by taking advantage of the latest technology, and vital for avoiding security risks. Make sure to keep the precautions in mind and complete the update in the right way. 

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