The Engagement Cycle

engagement cycle

The Never-Ending Cycle You’ll Actually Appreciate

The Engagement Cycle is something that most salespeople believe begins when they pick up the phone. In reality, 70% of the job of sales happens before that initial conversation ever occurs. The Engagement Cycle includes both the inbound and outbound engagements that you can have with your customer.

Focus content production on subjects that drive interest in your website. Then, further that point with an e-blast and a social media post. As a result, you will soon have your customers and clients interested in that information. This will pay significant dividends over time. In order for this to be rich and rewarding for both parties, however, you must produce the type of content that they actually want to see.

Consumers are now doing homework on the front end before they contact anybody about selling them anything. If they can avoid interacting with a sales person, they will. You can prevent lost sales by making it easier for your clients to find the type of information they want online. Produce content that connects to their concerns and answers their questions. This effectively drives the Engagement Cycle and is a significant key to your growth.

Parts of the Engagement Cycle

digital engagement cycle

Inbound/Outbound Engagements:

  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Website
  • Content

It’s important to remember that engagement builds awareness, awareness builds interest, interest over a long period of time builds loyalty, and content is the driving force behind all of this.


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