The Business Assessment & How It Can Help You

The Business Assessment

# 1 The Business Assessment

A business assessment will help you see what you’re missing so you can start to connect the dots.

When it comes to Marketing and sales, the majority of sub $20m companies don’t have a plan and end up blowing marketing money. Either that or they do not have the bandwidth to execute their plan. All businesses know that they need sales to generate revenue to survive and thrive. Very few companies understand how to create the relationships needed to provide the right opportunities. Opportunities that will lead to a business at scale because they can not get past their own contact list. Goalpost helps companies connect the dots between where they are today and where they dream of going. We do this through a business assessment test.

Our Package Includes:

  • How to Grow a Business Assessment Checklist
  • Business Made Simple Book and Training Program
  • Coaching Program designed with your crucial business assessment needs in mind

What You Get:

  • 60 days to master leadership, sales, marketing, execution, management, personal productivity, and more 

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