Inbound Marketing: How to Become a Teaching Organization

Teaching Organization

Sharing of information has become more critical than at any time in business history. The ability to share and share better than anyone else can separate a successful company from an unsuccessful company. In order for a company to be successful in this new sharing economy, there must be a transition. This transition is moving from a paradigm and worldview where information is held very close to the vest. You must transition to a worldview where information is readily and easily shared.

Why is Becoming a Teaching Organization Important?

This transition to becoming a teaching organization is critical to corporate success today. To become a teaching organization is easier said than done. Many people within your own organization have information that if ultimately you could find a way to get a straw and poke it into their heads, you could then tap into that information. With that, a significant amount of important content will be produced. Content that a lot of people would be really interested in knowing about. Unfortunately, many of those people are reluctant to share. Or they may not understand what it means to be a teaching organization. In other cases, they may not want anything to do with it.

They may not believe that it’s part of their responsibility to share. Therefore, it is incumbent on the business owner to make sure that they understand the need. Because if you are not able to share and share effectively, there’s going to be an issue. You are not going to reap the rewards that come with content marketing. You need to make sure that your team knows that it is their responsibility to help drive revenue. That is regardless of where they are in the organizational chart. Content marketing is the ability to share information about your craft that people will be interested in connecting with. It’s also about answering questions that people are asking on the Internet. You should drive this into the core of your organization. Then, that will give you a leg up to be successful.

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