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Outside US (OUS) Playbook Program Elements

OUS Step-by-Step Playbook

Your ultimate guide to international success will help identify the most lucrative markets, protect your intellectual property, master regulatory compliance, accelerate your time-to-market with streamlined approaches, and empower your team through comprehensive education on global business strategies. All this while helping avoid a laundry list of problems.

International Sales Template Library

Our curated suite of powerful templates include:

  • The Best Market Scorecard
  • Country Matrix
  • Landed Cost Calculation
  • Distributor Target Profile
  • Distributor Qualification Questionnaire
  • Company Introduction Letter
  • Multinational Seasonal Calendar.

This ensures you can identify the best markets, monitor your global operations, uncover true distribution costs, and find qualified distributors.

Intro to International Sales Video Series

This engaging companion to our OUS Playbook serves as your on-demand mentor, guiding you through the complexities of international expansion with clarity, wit, and expert wisdom. Whether you’re a driven entrepreneur or a seasoned product manager, our video series provides guidance on everything from market analysis to cultural nuances. Featuring real-world scenarios, expert-led sessions and practical examples, this series is designed to turn the intricacies of global sales into actionable steps.

Goalpost Global’s International Distribution Agreement

This comprehensive agreement provides a streamlined legal framework built from years of experience in international distribution to shield you from unforeseen legal issues, prevent misunderstandings and build trust with distributors. Our crystal-clear clauses help you cover everything from minimum order quantity (MOQs) to product pricing, ensuring powerful protection and cost-saving measures. With this tried and tested template, you can cut down on what you pay the lawyers while gaining the benefit of the expensive and painful lessons we’ve learned in the industry.

Remote Mentorship

Goalpost Global’s Remote Mentorship program is tailored to your unique needs. This comprehensive consulting service offers step-by-step guidance from the OUS Playbook, complemented by personalized one-on-one consulting sessions. Led by seasoned
Global Business Builder Chris Schnee, our expert consultants provide in-depth market analysis, strategic planning, and execution support.

International Commercialization Program Pricing