Marketing Authenticity: How to Tell Your Story to Connect With Customers

The Third Rail of Authenticity

In places with electric trains, people often know about something called the third rail. You may have no idea what the third rail is. In other cases, you may just have the recollection that someone sometime told you never to touch the third rail. But I’m here to tell you that the third rail of authenticity is what can drive an organization forward.

There are three rails that exist on an electric train track. You have your typical two rails that every train has. Then there is a third rail that is there to provide power for the train. That rail is the only thing that allows that train to be driven forward. Without the power that comes from the third rail, that train isn’t going anywhere.

The same is true for a company connecting to its authentic self. If a company is able to find its authentic voice, that voice can drive that company forward much like that third rail drives that train forward. Though, if a company decides to not be authentic, to not fulfill the mission as it was designed to do, the chances are that the mission will become confused and is most likely destined for failure. If you can connect to the authentic version of your mission and message, that is the key to driving your company forward.

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