Why Your Company Is Losing Leads & What You Can Do About It

Why Your Company Is Losing Leads

Your company is losing leads because they’re getting lost in the sales cycle. You probably don’t have someone who’s out there promoting your marketing message on a consistent basis. And if you do, they don’t have the right tools. And your message is getting lost in translation. 

Basically, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing, which is Arming Your Champion. When you Arm Your Champion, you are able to easily and successfully follow leads through to the very end. When you have an internal advocate, you are putting yourself in a very strong position. Arming your champion can open doors, get a product considered, or even find you a new job. However, a position like this can also be quite dangerous.

Why You Need to Arm Your Champion to Get More Leads

You are putting your champion on the front lines of the sales process. You need to make sure they’re prepared. You need to arm your champion with a sales toolbox. They need tools to help them represent your company’s marketing message in an authentic and objective way.

Business-to-business sales are hard. That’s why you have to have a B2B marketing strategy that actually works. Arming your champion is a part of that. Someone who can make your company look good is super important to have. And when this person has all of the necessary tools to deliver your message in a way that closes a sale, you have it in the bag. 

How We Help

With the knowledge of how to make a lasting impression and communicate key points, you can be sure that nothing gets lost along the way. Goalpost Group works with companies to create that sales toolbox you need to arm your champion. We provide a digital version of your message that includes your knowledge, value proposition, and passion. Your champion can then pass these on to all potential stakeholders while remaining completely objective.


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