Implementation Motor

implementation motor

If you know what this motor (pictured) is, you have probably owned a Jeep. The AMC 4.0L strait-six engine is one of the best 4×4 off-road engines ever made. It has the torque to get you where you want to go and is very reliable. In fact, one of these, is powering my 1997 Wrangler to very good effect today. It is this combination of power and endurance that is the key to its long-term effectiveness. 

AMC 4.0L strait-six engine

The Concept of an Implementation Motor

Most everyone has an idea from time to time. In reality, there are a lot of people who have many ideas per day. However, most ideas amount to nothing. That’s because most people lack either the power, endurance, or inclination to implement the idea. The concept of implementation is to apply the power of a person or an organization around an idea. Then, combine that power with endurance and watch the idea come to fruition. In practice, this is significantly easier said than done. It demands considerable personal or organizational discipline. Much like the AMC factory from which the strait-six emerged, you must put significant effort into building and empowering your implementation motor.

Building an Implementation Motor


Power is the “juice” of the organization. Unfortunately, the majority of organizations set themselves up in a way that creates serious bottlenecks. How do these bottlenecks arise? Well, it happens when a person or a group of people within the organization carry out nearly all of the decision-making. This could be problematic. When one person or small group has to make all the decisions, that person or group becomes bombarded with much more than they can actually manage in a timely manner. When the decision is made to do something on the executive level, the power to implement must follow, and therefore many subsequent decisions must be handed over to the people responsible for implementation.


Endurance is the realization that anything worth doing may take significant time and effort.  The group responsible for implementation must be given the time and bandwidth to carry out the task. This could mean elimination or redistribution of other responsibilities, or it could simply mean having the patience to follow a process.

You will likely never see a Jeep going 90 on the freeway, but if you want to get up the side of the mountain on nothing but two-track switchbacks, it is the right tool for the job. Setting up a succesful implementation motor within your organization on your next sales strategyCRM, or content marketing project, with the power and endurance to get the job done can pay significant dividends.

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