How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business in 2022

How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business In 2022

Twitter in 2022

Every day, 187 million people log in to Twitter.

With a 2% user growth expected in 2022, businesses on Twitter are uniquely positioned to capture a bigger audience than ever before. But not without a marketing strategy.

Twitter is a tricky platform for many businesses to demystify. In an online world defined by follower count,  Twitter is meant to build trust with customers and connect authentically. The goal isn’t to gain as many followers as possible.

Here are five ways your business can use Twitter to build connections with customers, ignite product interest, and create a new level of brand loyalty.

1. Whatever your brand “voice” is, use it consistently.

Unlike its social media cousins, Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter is a site used for short-form, bite-sized content. In contrast to other platforms, which allow users to create long-form content. Twitter allows users a maximum of 280 characters per tweet.

For this reason (and many others), establishing your brand voice is essential. Ideally, a customer should be able to read a tweet and know it’s from your business before they even know who wrote it.

Companies like Wendy’s, Chipotle, and DuoLingo have carved out a niche in the Twitter space by developing unique voices for each of their brands. Such as including styles of punctuation, capitalization and use of imagery. Decide what you want your angle to be. For instance, it could be funny, informative, sarcastic, playful, or upbeat. Once you’ve made your decision commit to using it consistently.

2. Take advantage of Twitter polls.

One of the easiest ways to boost engagement on Twitter is to create and interact with polls. This built-in user function allows accounts to get inside the minds of their audience using a multiple-choice question-and-answer framework.

With just the tap of a finger, followers can cast their vote. This allows you to ask for input, learn customer preferences, and gather valuable information.

Once your poll is created, you can choose how long to keep it live; up to seven days is the limit. After your followers have voted, the results will be displayed in terms of percentage. This gives you an idea of which response gained the most votes. In addition it provides insight into your follower’s habits, wants, and opinions.

3. Use images generously.

As mentioned earlier in our series, using photos and visual media as part of your social media marketing boosts engagement and click-through rates by up to 1,000%!

Twitter allows users to upload and share up to four photos per tweet, in addition to GIFs and videos up to 60 seconds. Even the addition of emojis is shown to increase engagement; a recent study found that users interacted with an account more if their tweets consistently had well-placed emojis

4. Interact with users daily.

Engaging with your followers is a free, easy, and oftentimes fun way to build brand loyalty and create a sense of community around your brand.

If your followers are interacting with your content through comments or retweets, return the favor with a friendly tweet or shout-out. Following users back is also a great way to foster connection and appear more accessible.

Respond to DMs (direct messages) in a timely manner, and don’t miss the opportunity to help a customer solve a problem if something has gone awry with ordering, receiving their purchase, or while interacting with customer service. Be a consistent presence, and your followers will return the favor.

5. Get familiar with hashtags.

Hashtags, or words preceded by the “#” sign, originated on Twitter. Using them will allow you to show up in global searches for specific keywords that relate to your tweet.

First thing’s first: make sure your account is public. Users won’t be able to find or interact with your hashtags if your account is protected.

According to Twitter itself, one or two hashtags is best to boost interaction while staying within the bounds of 280 characters. Decide the main point of your tweet, then attach the hashtags that drive the message home — either in the body of the tweet to replace SEO-friendly words, or grouped together at the end.

You can take your Twitter game one step further by creating an original hashtag specific to your brand. By encouraging customers to use it when tweeting or posting about your business, you’ll gain exposure and see the creative ways other users are featuring your products.

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