Break the Cycle and Ditch the Busy Cult

busy cult

3 Things to Understand to Ditch the Busy Cult

Every busy person must understand 3 things in order to break the cycle and ditch the cult. This may seem like tough love, but there’s only one way to stop being “busy”. You need to take a step back and acknowledge a few hard truths. As a result, you will clear your mind and start working productively.

First off, it’s important to recognize that no one will ever be rewarded for being busy. There’s no medal, no prize money, and no confetti. The only benefit you might reap is a false feeling of accomplishment. This signifies nothing more than your success at “faking a harder hustle than your Facebook friends”. Which is a talent that doesn’t look great on your resume. Striving for this is a waste of your time. You can do better and busy people are replaceable, which is our second point.

Your busy job can easily be taken over by AI. If not that then by someone in India who is willing to do it for 20% of what you earn. Anyone can be “busy”, but not everyone can innovate. This leads us into the most important point, which is that you’re capable of more. Your job security lies in your ability to maximize efficiency, create value, and build relationships. You don’t have to be extremely busy to accomplish this. What you do need is time management, prioritization, and a sharp mind. 

Keep This in Mind

The next time you’re busy, think about these points:

  1. You won’t get rewarded for it.
  2. Busy people are replaceable.
  3. You’re capable of much more.

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