Branding Processes: Sometimes It Comes Slow, Sometimes It Comes Quick

Sometimes It Comes Slow, Sometimes It Comes Quick

Running a Business Is Hard. Here’s How a Marketing Agency Can Help.

As a marketer and Storybrand Certified Guide, I get to work on people’s messaging for their brands all day long. Sometimes, my team at Goalpost Group is approached by a wonderful client, and they are able to develop that client’s messaging extremely fast. But sometimes, it takes a lot longer to really nail a client’s messaging down.

Branding Processes Depend on the Two Types of Business Owners

So, why is one brand process faster than the other?

It has a lot to do with how close a client is to their brand story. It’s important to hire a great marketing professional who can view their businesses’ mission with fresh eyes. There are two types of brand processes. Firstly, there’s the ones that come fast. Secondly, there’s the ones that take time to perfect.

As a Storybrand Certified Guide, I interface with dozens of business owners during any given month. I’m always amazed at the dedication and perseverance it takes to run and operate a business.

Most business owners have a real desire to see their business succeed and want to help their team members flourish in their roles. This is where Goalpost Group comes in. We provide an entire suite of marketing professionals for a fraction of the cost of what it would require to onboard a whole marketing team.

Part of being business savvy is knowing when to work in-house and when to outsource. Just based on my experience, the business owners who hire a marketing agency are the ones who are able to maximize the productivity of their team in ways that let their people play to their full potential. 

It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out

You would never ask a quarterback to design a wedding dress. Therefore, why are you asking your team members to operate as web developers, copywriters, strategists and SEO specialists?

The brand processes that come quickly are the ones where every team member is playing to their strengths. 

The brand processes that come slowly are the ones where a team is being asked to perform tasks that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable, and simply out of their league.

And sometimes, frankly, the speed of a brand process can’t be helped. Not every business or business owner knows exactly what they want, right out of the gate. That’s why my team at Goalpost Group is dedicated to moving at the pace of our customers. We iron out every detail until the final product is something they can be proud of.

Whether you feel ready to move at 100 miles an hour or need a little time to get your bearings, the team at Goalpost Group is ready to help you take that next step.

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