A Back to School Mindset

A Back to School Mindset

Mindset Change: Back to School

The Importance of Embracing a Back to School Mindset

If your family is anything like mine, the change of season has hit you like a ton of bricks. Your mindset is bound to change. Many factors go into this. For example, a new semester, new weather and changing routines. You might be feeling that it’s not the time to institute anything new at work. Maybe right now, you’re just trying to survive.

But, in order to survive, even in times of change, it’s important to make sure your habits are in good working order.

Drive Engagement by Creating Quality Content That Solves a Problem

In my first career, I was a high school teacher. One of the things that I remember most strongly about my mindset is that period at the beginning of the year where you were able to set habits that would help guide your students through the remainder of the year.

Something that I’m encouraging my clients to do with their mindset when going through seasons of change is how to lay the groundwork for powerful, lasting behaviours that will solidify over the coming months. Building good habits at the beginning of a new season sets the bar high. Additionally, it allows you to begin from a place of strength, rather than from a place of struggle.

One way to do this is to drive an engagement cycle. By creating content that speaks directly to the problem your customer is facing, you can earn their trust early on and anchor into their needs. Then, continue to produce high-quality content that guides them through their confusion to the ultimate solution: purchasing your product or service.

Talk Less About You and More About Your Customer

Thousands of people are competing for the ears and eyes of your customers. What are you going to do to set yourself apart from the competition?

Creating compelling video media and digital content that helps them solve problems automatically sets you apart. There are countless other businesses who are too busy talking about themselves to hear the needs of their customers.

Knowing that the time will pass anyway, how will you commit to behaviours of strength in the coming months?

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