Why the Robots Will Still Need Us: AI Can’t Replace Creativity

What The Robots Can't Replace

Do you ever ponder the rise of technology in this day and age? Fear the outcome or anticipate the advancement in artificial intelligence?

The media has played a large role in demonstrating the potential capabilities of technology– how it could benefit society, how it could destroy it, and in some ways it has already done both.

But for the most part, society has been amazed by the steps taken in technology to make life easier. Whether it be in our personal lives, in public, school, within businesses, etc.  This leaves us to only wonder, “What more is artificial intelligence capable of?”

So, for all of the amazing promises of artificial intelligence, there is one area where computer code cannot replicate.  Just as the movies and TV shows suggest, artificial intelligence lacks heart, and cannot replicate one of the most important characteristics of the human experience: authenticity.

The Value of Authenticity that Artificial Intelligence Lacks

Here’s the truth: people want to do business with other people. But at the same time, this process needs to be simple, smooth, and flawless.  Computers help with that.

People, however, don’t want to be handing all of their money over to a nameless, faceless organization.  They want to do business with authenticity– people who have a heart for others in some way, shape or form.  What people seek is genuine, authentic encounters, because we are relational beings.

So when I see things like apps that will write your content for you using the power of artificial intelligence, I always return to the thoughts of, “How would you create the same authenticity that creates the genuine connection between you and your customer?” Because without authenticity, that connection doesn’t occur.

Authenticity is critical in setting a foundation for loyalty with customers, and making sure that you are serving them in the most effective way possible.

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