The Three C’s of Content Culture

The 3 C's of Content Culture

Content culture has the potential to produce a team ethos with every member connected, confident, and contributing. If done correctly, businesses can benefit from the adaptation of a content culture. There are three C’s to the team culture that can be created.

What are the Three C’s?

1. Connected

If the team is connected to the goal of the organization, content can be used in order to achieve that goal. Most people use goals like making more money or putting a dollar figure that they want to hit, but the majority of the people within that organization have no way to directly contribute to that particular goal. So that is what we might call a really bad goal. If you can give them a connection to that goal by saying that the production of content within an area that they are an expert and they can provide important resources for potential clients, that is going to show a direct line connection from what they are doing to the overall financial goals of the organization.

2. Confident

Chances are your organization is filled with subject matter experts. In fact, you have people with more experience within your particular niche of the world than probably anywhere else. If you can take that information that is in their heads and adapt it by way of content, you can make that critical to your bottom line. You can also improve the confidence of people who are still learning on your team, even if they are not a subject matter expert.

Sometimes the best content comes from newbies, people who don’t necessarily know everything about the process. Because it is in their learning of the process that they can answer similar questions or ask similar questions that the standard person out on the street would be asking about your industry and the topics that drive it. So by giving the subject matter experts on your team a way to express their genius, and by connecting the newbies to a way to learn in a way that can benefit the organization, you win.

3. Contributing

The third C is contributing. If you can get every member of your organization to contribute content on a regular basis, the backlog of content that you will be able to quickly create is going to be tremendous, and it is that level of content development that can truly push you to new heights as a company.

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