Millennials in the Workplace: The Path to Retention

retain millennials in workplace

A hot topic of this decade is millennial retention. Businesses struggle to keep millennials satisfied with their jobs. They’re left wondering: what will it take to get millennials to stay? All sorts of research has been done. In fact, different methods have been applied to try to solve the greatest mystery. How can we get millennials off their smart devices and committed to engaging in our business? Let’s start by addressing who millennials are. 

Who Are Millennials?

Millennials were most likely born in the 80s. Their early childhood was accompanied by a technological boom. As a result, their former generation was left in the dust. They quickly adopted virtual habits for accomplishing everyday tasks. Previously, these were more inconvenient, more expensive, more time-consuming, etc. However, technology continued to grow. Therefore, millennials were surrounded by the digital world. They were appreciating its speed, options, convenience, accessibility, and knowledge. Some argue that millennials need to get off these smart devices. Many think they need to “regress”  to the charm of a simpler time. They believe they need to engage more with the world around them.

It Is Easier Said Than Done

  • Speed = satisfaction. Speed in accomplishing tasks is equivalent to success at work.
  • Accessibility to the digital world is key. It keeps you connected to trends and making smart business choices.
  • Millenials want to grow and expand. We’ve grown up thinking there’s no limit to our success, so a lack of change it hard to accept.
  • Ideas are valued over seniority. Millennials want their fresh ideas to be heard by senior ranking staff. Those may not be willing to listen, or may be threatened by change.  

Questions Millennials Ask That Affect Retention at Work:

Was my college investment worth it? Will I get a return? Does my job pay me enough to make it worth my while? 

Am I making a difference? Am I being heard?

Does my department give me what I need (or spend money on what I need) to get the job done efficiently and quickly?

Is there a balance between work and social life? 

Is there a path to promotion so I can have a chance to commit to this job as a career?

The Solution to Millennial Retention:

Engagement, Confidence, Efficiency.

The question you can ask yourself is: Will creating a content culture engage millennials enough to make them invest in my business for the next 50 years? 

What is a Content Culture, According to the Goalpost Group?

It will give all employees a voice. Content culture gets them invested and in line with company goals. It empowers them to feel connected to the company they work for. Additionally, it makes an active difference in the success of the company. 

ENGAGED. CONFIDENT. EFFICIENT. Most importantly, it may be the perfect outlet to KEEP them on their smart devices. They can channel this outlet as one of the most powerful ways to build your online reputation, improve search engine optimization, and turn your business into a teaching organization that online viewers will be drawn to when looking for answers to their challenges in the market.

At Goalpost Group, we help our clients break the cycle of bad marketing using strategy, structure, and killer content that drives sales and wins the day. Get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about how we can help transform your marketing.


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