Team Building: How to Empower Your Staff

Build Your Team

Team Building Made Easy

Team building can drive growth if you empower your staff and develop your culture.

We partner with Mindset Talent, a high-level talent consulting firm that helps organize and improve companies all over the country, to develop your leadership and improve workplace culture. Your team will implement new ways to communicate effectively, and you will develop a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and understand the talent opportunities across your company.

Team Building Package Includes:

  •  Strengths assessment 
  • A human-centered learning curriculum with adapted facilitation based on your company’s needs
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Branded communications / handouts and outreach marketing materials

What You Learn:

  • Luma Institutes’ design and facilitation techniques
  • Clifton Strengths work-style assessment
  • Process development for scalability
  • Developing and understanding team roles
  • How to measure and sustain change within your company

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