Teaching That Actually Pays

Teaching That Actually Pays Off

What Being a High School Teacher Taught Me About Successful Marketing

My very first career out of college was being a high school teacher. It was a job that I really loved. I enjoyed the ability to show up and shape young minds, even though mine was pretty young (and ready to be shaped itself!). 

Additionally, it was a great opportunity to launch myself on a path towards independence and adulthood. During my time in the classroom, I learned what it means to combine leadership with a natural curiosity. 

My students taught me the importance of helping others understand basic concepts. Everyone responds to communication or instruction in a different way. 

Being a teacher showed me the necessity of changing my language, tone, approach and strategy to fit the needs of my students. Now, as a business owner and father, I see how those days laid the foundation for my business acumen – and I want it to be a foundation for you, as well. 

Identify the Hidden Talent on Your Team

What would the business world look like if every company, every business, was a ‘teaching organization’? What would the office setting feel like if every employee knew they were welcome to try new things, make mistakes, and ask for help?

As business owners, we have a responsibility to our people to provide a safe space for them. It should encourage ideation, invention and innovation. 

By becoming more of a teaching organization, members of your team can share their special talents. These talents can uniquely mesh with employees. As well as a clients ability to receive information. 

And while it might require an investment on your part, investing in your people will always yield results. Maybe not immediately, and maybe not monetarily, but in loyalty and skill. 

How to Become a Teaching Organization

Here are two ways to begin taking steps toward becoming a teaching organization, today:

  1. Identify your core talent. Beyond what roles you’ve hired your people for, see what they are passionate about. Maybe your accountant is also a yoga teacher, and wants the chance to bring mindfulness and fitness to your team. For instance, this could be once a week through group fitness classes. Maybe your web developer has found a way to teach members of the IT new shortcuts. As a result they could be interested in setting up an afternoon workshop to increase efficiency. Get curious about your team’s talents, and invest them well.
  2. Empower your people to try something new. Teaching, much like learning, requires risk. People won’t be incentivized to step out if they know they are likely to be punished or fail. Encourage your team to lend their talents and reward those who step out. You, and your entire staff, will be better for it. 

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