Staying Ahead of the Digital X-ray Curve

digital x-ray

The House of Representatives recently passed the 21st Century Cures Act. In the act is a mandate for the reduction in reimbursement for medical practices that are using film or CR for their X-ray modalities.  The first 20% reduction is currently scheduled to begin January 1st 2017. H.R. 2029 Section 502 creates a Medicare payment incentive to transition to Digital Radiography.  The legislation allows for some breaking in period for those who had already taken the half step of CR. Though, many of the insurers are demanding more immediate action.

The message that Congress was sending in this announcement was clear. The time to transition to direct digital detector technology is well past due.

Fortunately, trading out to a digital detector is much easier than it has ever been. You do not have to upgrade your entire system in order to comply. In fact, all you need is a slick little package shown above. There are several options to consider in the digital detector market. Thankfully, we’ll make it simple.
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The 5 Things You Want in a Digital X-ray Upgrade:

You want a Wireless Cesium detector. One with replaceable batteriesAED, and a simple conversion. 

  • Wireless– because we all hate wires.
  • Cesium (Csl)- because cesium produces a better image at a lower dose and the price differential that made gadox (gadolinium oxysulfide) more credible has greatly diminished.
  • Replaceable batteries– because all wireless detectors will run out of batteries after 4-6 hours of use, you need to be able to swap and continue.
  • AED (Automatic Exposure Detection)- because without AED you would need to hardwire your detector system to the generator, negating the wireless advantage.
  • Simple conversion- all healthcare IT is overworked and the less they need to do on a digital conversion, the best for everybody involved.

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