Servant Leadership: How to Lead by Supporting Your Team

Servant Leadership

What a Rocking Chair Taught Me About Servant Leadership

One of the favorite things that I own is my grandfather’s rocking chair. What that helps me remember is the way that he was when he interacted with people. When I bring someone into my office and they have a seat in that rocking chair, it allows me to put that frame of mind on. The frame of mind that is focused on the person sitting in that chair. The secret my grandfather had was whenever he was in an interaction with anyone, the star of that conversation was the other person.

Servant leadership is really all about this concept. It’s about leaders who can make their team members the main driver behind their actions. You should understand what your team needs and help deliver those things for your team members. As a result, they are going to turn around and repay you tenfold. That is in their effort, their time, and their connectedness to the organization. If you can figure out how to make the members of the team more important than the leader of the team, you will be extraordinarily successful.

If leaders can take the time to know the needs and aspirations of their team, if you can equip them to have the tools that they need to be successful and you know why they do what they do and help them achieve their goals, even outside the limited interaction that you may have at work, they will be as bought into your success as you are bought into theirs. Leaders understanding the needs and aspirations of their team members is foundational to team success. Having that type of servant leader will help any organization to be successful.

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